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Baby Kovacoglu Born December 31, 2015
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Created by Emrah Kovacoglu
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About Baby

We know it is customary to buy wedding gifts for the new bride and groom. However, in the late George Carlin’s words, “we have enough stuff.” We do not need any overpriced salt and pepper shakers or more stemware. But we do invite you over to drink some wine and dine with us!

Instead, we kindly ask that you make a donation to our future Baby Kovacoglu’s college education through this 529 Plan we have set up. Our wish is to very soon bring our first child into this world and to shower him OR her with love, as well as to make sure our future little bundle of joy will have the necessary tools to be the entrepreneur that both Devran and Emrah are today.

We thank you for all your love and support and we will make sure that when Baby K becomes the next CEO of a telepathic human transportation company or the best H2O distribution engineer that the NBA has seen, he or she will also be forever thankful that you helped on the journey to success.

With love,
Devran and Emrah

*The endorsers of this ad and future parents who set up this registry would like to note that Devran is not currently pregnant.* :)

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